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  1. ……….And now the number 2 “head cheese” is going to lead a commission on new gun related issues. It would seem that Soetoro could have picked somebody who can at least TALK INTELLIGENTLY. All I have to say regarding Biden being the leader of such a group is …..HAR HAR DE HAR HAR…nothing like having a COMPLETE NITWIT leading other NITWITS.

  2. that an attack on Iran would be the "stupidest idea [I've] ever heard." Dogan is retired but having worked for Mossad and having been its head knows something. He has more in depth knowledge & intelligence than Netanyahu. But Netanyahu is stupid enough that he refuses to give up and refuses to listen to calm-headed people.

  3. Why bunkum? The sentence seems to be a perfectly reasonable warning against instant gratification: one must carry out battles today if one would enjoy the victory of tomorrow. That others would also be fighting for other tomorrows is not an argument against the sense of the sentence, but rather an implication of the sentence (since to fight usually means to fight against an opposition).

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